Rutherford Franklin Ltd.'s disciplined investment process is offered in a broad range of mandates, with flexibility to target specific...


    At our core, Rutherford Franklin Ltd. seeks investments that are likely to generate the best risk-adjusted returns. We believe such investments are characterized by strong financial health, solid business prospects...


    Rutherford Franklin Ltd. believes that the larger the pool of potential investments, the greater the opportunity an active manager has to add value...

About Our Company

Rutherford Franklin Ltd. uses disciplined, quantitative investment techniques in a style we call Enhanced Value Investing. Our company employs sophisticated analytical models for active stock selection as well as country and currency valuation, using a proprietary database covering over 15,000 securities in more than 20 equity markets worldwide.

Rutherford Franklin Ltd.'s extensive research capabilities are often used to develop customized investment management strategies for our clients. Our US Equity Strategy seeks to provide institutional clients with the opportunity to capture long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio mainly of common stocks of global U.S. issuers.

Our Emerging Markets Equity Strategy provides our clients the opportunity of investing in markets worldwide, offering an unrivaled exposure to equities including Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Our non-US All-Cap Equity Strategy provides our clients with a chance at getting long-term financial revenues by zooming in on non-U.S. markets across the full range of capitalization, while maintaining that freedom to move opportunistically between emerging and developed markets.

Our non-US Equity Strategy aims to accommodate any of our clients who are searching for an opportunity to establish long-term capital injections by employing an active, bottom-up approach towards the entire range of developed markets outside the U.S.

Spearheading the Global Development of an uncorrelated, alternative asset class.