Investment Philosophy

Rutherford Franklin Ltd. believes that the larger the pool of potential investments, the greater the opportunity an active manager has to add value. We believe that stocks and markets have many attributes that are related to potential out performance, and that a successful investment approach must be multifaceted and highly adaptable. We believe that objectivity is crucial to investment success.

Why Choose Us?

Rutherford Franklin Ltd.'s investment philosophy is founded on these observations:

  • Markets are inefficient because many investors do not always act rationally
  • Investors have "mental models" of how stock prices are set, but these frequently change due to both external and internal (psychological) factors
  • Markets are adaptive, investment strategies go in and out of favor, and risk/reward relationships change over time

  • This suggests value-added can best be generated by:

  • Knowing the value of different pieces of information at different points in time in an objective, quantified and disciplined way
  • Applying this value to a broad opportunity set
  • Employing dynamic investment strategies adapted to the current market environment